Required Equipment List

To undertake the practical assessment, you must present with the following equipment. Failure to do so will result in the assessment being aborted and the participant will incur the cost of re-assessment ($595 + GST).
  1. Facility Owner Plans for the assessment location, whenever possible
  2. Driver’s Licence
  3. Copy of Locating course certificate
  4. EM locating equipment and calibration certificate (calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification) with the following minimum requirements:
    1. Multiple frequencies (min of 1 Low, 1 Medium & 1 High Frequency)
    2. At least one sonde frequency, if applicable
    3. Three active modes: Direct Connect, Inductive Clamp and Induction
    4. Two passive modes, Radio and Power (CPS, if applicable)
    5. Separate Peak and Null Mode antennae configurations
    6. Be able to read Current and OHM Measurements if applicable
    7. Manual Gain control
    8. Direct connect leads
    9. Ground rod
    10. Inductive clamp
  5. 4-Way Gas monitor with sniffer hose, if applicable:
    1. Combustibles (LEL)
    2. Oxygen (O)
    3. Carbon Monoxide (CO)
    4. Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
  6. Traceable duct rodding equipment and a sonde suitable for rodding, if applicable
  7. Manhole keys and cover remover, if applicable
  8. Applicable handhole tools, pedestal wrench, sockets, wire strippers, allen keys, screw drivers, hammer, etc.
  9. Applicable safety management signs and pylons, if applicable.
  10. Site facility records
  11. First aid kit
  12. Hi-Vis workwear or vest
  13. Fire retardant clothing, if appliable
  14. Applicable PPE
    1. CSA boots
    2. CSA Hardhat
    3. CSA Safety glasses
    4. Gloves
    5. company-specific, if applicable
  15. Fire extinguisher, if applicable
  16. Marking equipment and supplies (paint, flags, lath, etc.)
  17. Spare batteries or supplies