Legal Liability Disclaimer

Locate Management Institute Inc. (LMI) is under license with DBYD Certification Ltd ABN 88 617 374 946 (DCL) to deliver the Canadian Certified Locator Program in Canada.

The Canadian Certified Locator competency assessment program (Program) offered by LMI is designed to assess the level of an asset locator's theoretical knowledge and practical competency as at the date the assessment is conducted. LMI recognises an underground facility locator who has successfully completed the Program as a "Certified Locator" and lists the name and contact details of the Certified Locator on this website. The Program is supported and recognised internationally.

Certificates of Completion issued to Certified Locators by LMI denote only that Certified Locators have, on the date specified in the Certificate of Completion, demonstrated to LMI the level of theoretical and practical knowledge and competency required to be recognised as a Certified Locator by LMI. The Canadian Certified Locator Program recognizes two different categories of Certified Locator certifications:

  1. Facility Owner / Contract - This individual is an employee of a facility owner or is under contract (e.g., Locate Service Provider) to locate for one or more facility owners. This individual is assessed on locating one or more specific facility types that they are responsible for.
  2. Private - This individual is hired directly by a ground disturber to locate facilities beyond the demarcation point, or other private facilities. They may also be hired to verify all facilities within a work area. This individual is assessed on locating all types of facilities.

The Program is not an accredited, mandated or industry-regulated program. Completion of, or participation in, the Program by a Certified Locator does not bestow or confer on the Certified Locator any formal accreditation or qualification. LMI does not guarantee or warrant the experience, expertise, knowledge or skill of the Certified Locator, nor that the Certified Locator is (or remains) qualified to provide facility location services, nor that the Certified Locator will be able to correctly or accurately locate underground facilities (including but not limited to infrastructure for electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, water, network cabling, drainage, sewerage, and irrigation) on each attempted instance.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, LMI and its employees, agents, contractors and consultants, expressly exclude all liability for any actions, claims, costs, demands, damages, expenses, liabilities or losses of any kind whatsoever incurred or suffered by any party arising from or in any way connected or related to:

  1. a Certified Locator's use of DCL's certification trademark issued by LMI, or any other device or statement signifying that the Certified Locator is a Certified Locator;
  2. a Certified Locator's completion of, or participation in, the Program;
  3. reliance on a Certificate of Completion issued by LMI to a Certified Locator, or the Certified Locator's completion of, or participation in, the Program;
  4. the provision of any incorrect or incomplete information by a Certified Locator, to any third party;
  5. the failure or inability of a Certified Locator to locate underground facilities correctly or accurately; or
  6. any act, omission, negligence, representation, or statement of a Certified Locator in the course of advertising, promoting, or carrying out or providing its underground facility locating services.

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