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The Certification Process

Self Assessment
Theory Assessment
Practical Assessment

Certified Locator Flowchart

If you are an inexperienced or new locator it is highly recommended that you complete the Locate Management online training course “Utility Advanced Line Locating (UALL)” as a first step. The online training course provides an excellent foundation for aspiring locators and will give you a sound knowledge base prior to enrolling into a face-to-face training course.

Training Providers

The Canadian Certified Locator Program recognizes two different categories of Certified Locator certifications:

  1. Facility Owner / Contract - This individual is an employee of a facility owner or is under contract (e.g., Locate Service Provider) to locate for one or more facility owners. This individual is assessed on locating one or more specific facility types that they are responsible for.
  2. Private - This individual is hired directly by a ground disturber to locate facilities beyond the demarcation point, or other private facilities. They may also be hired to verify all facilities within a work area. This individual is assessed on locating all types of facilities. of facilities.

1 - Self-Assessment

Start with the free Self-Assessment. Here, you will be asked a series of questions about your expertise.

The Self-Assessment will help you understand what areas you will be assessed on during the Theory and Practical Assessment components of the Certified Locator Program. If there are criteria within the Self-Assessment where you are not confident, it is in your interest not to enrol into the program until you have increased your expertise in those areas (or have all required equipment); otherwise you may find you do not pass the assessment.

Once the Self-Assessment has been successfully completed, you will be asked to formally enrol in the Certified Locator Program and make payment. After successful enrolment, you will receive an email with log-in details and can proceed to the Theory Assessment.


2 - Theory Assessment

Please allow at least one hour to complete the Theory Assessment.

The online Theory Assessment asks you a number of multiple choice questions about locating. If you are successful, you will be contacted by Locate Management Institute to schedule your practical assessment. If you are unsuccessful, you may attempt the assessment again, up to a maximum of two times.

If you are unable to successfully complete the theory assessment after two attempts, you will receive a recommendation to undertake further training and experience.

3 - Practical Assessment

The practical assessment will be conducted by an assessor at a selected field location. Once the location date and time have been agreed, cancellation fees may apply (refer terms and conditions).

If you successfully complete your Practical Assessment, you will be recognised as a Canadian Certified Locator. You will receive a Certificate of Completion, which confirms you have successfully completed the Canadian Certified Locator Program.

If you do not successfully complete the Practical Assessment, the assessor will provide you with feedback indicating areas that require further training and experience. After further developing your skills you will have the opportunity of attempting the relevant components of the Program again (minimum one month waiting period). Please note that this will involve payment of a re-assessment fee. It is strongly recommended that you do not undertake the practical assessment until you are confident against all criteria in the Self-Assessment questionnaire.

Required Equipment List